Hi ? I’m Heather – The Brain Trainer ??

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Hi, I’m Heather – The Brain Trainer™ and I help people THINK differently about the things in their lives.

Overcoming those pesky mental blocks, thoughts, ideas and beliefs, that are holding you back, keep you stuck in an anxiety loop and stopping you from waltzing down your life’s path with ease and swagger.

Using my tried and tested brain training exercises that mentally, emotionally and spiritually free you from habits and behaviours that have become your automatic and go to pattern. The brain is very powerful… yet subtle, working in the background of your life maintaining and protecting the current programme that YOU set.

I love working individually with clients as it gives me the access to the specific story and key moments that have built your beliefs. Using a mix of psychology, emotional reading, body language, language cues, brain know-how and the wisdom of the scriptures, I tailor confidential, goal orientated (and fun!) sessions for my clients who often don’t believe anything will work but slowly and subconsciously get their BRAIN TRAINED ?

Heather helped me uncover unconscious patterns in my relationships that were really harming those around me. She helped me emotionally work through them in such a fun and easy way – I was gobsmacked at her insight and how she would consistently hit the nail on the head! I feel like I do think differently now and that has changed how I react in certain situations. I would highly recommend her to anyone.