Gabrielle Litcherman of Hormonolgy

Gabrielle Litcherman of hormonology started the revolution that is sync cycling it’s called so syncing your work your exercise and your food with your period cycle. And there is a very distinct cycle that we can look at, that’s called goes through the different seasons.

So week one, day one is the first day of your period, and that is your winter. And you go from your winter into your spring, which is that second week where oestrogen is on the rise? And you probably feel your most blooming, you know you blossom and you’re more interested in people you’re sociable is that natural drive to look attractive and even down to the to the to have the muscles and the things work in your in your face. You are more attractive at this time in your cycle than any other time. Boom Week Three hits and you are on a dark Crash Course of oestrogen nosedive and that’s when you get this what some people say, pre PMT symptoms.

I think Week Three personally is the worst week and if we look at arranging our lives to sync with that, that week in that we can support ourselves in that week because somewhere in the back of the female psyche is this idea that, Oh, we’ll just get used to it. But again and again and again. These hormones are so strong. It’s almost like we forget that we’re going to go through this and we forget why these feelings come about my mum fell asleep. But if we’re prepared for mentally, emotionally, physically getting things even prepping meals, even getting your work schedule to line up with the right things on that week. And but the right things on that week are things like the reading and the writing parts. Of your job wherever that can be. Being sociable is not a four, week three. Week four is when oestrogen starts to rise, but it takes another dip, but it is on the rise and testosterone is combating that that break in the two hormones. Testosterone is going to chill you out. It’s going to numb you a little bit. Two emotions. The more sensitive in week three, the more sensitive to a range of from sadness, to hysteria to all of the colourful fans taking offence. Yeah being so sensitive to things that normally does a couple of days ago. Yeah, you just shrugged off who would have classed as banter? Yeah. I have a friend, I talked to all the time and he always says, well, two days ago I could have said that and you would have absolutely held your head off. And today you don’t speak to me. It is true. That is true. So learning and knowing about your inner season in your cycle and especially if you’re coming up to perimenopause or menopause. It’s just having that awareness actually really helps.