(And I wanna know what that is… )

The Brain Trainer™ Podcast is my way to help you unravel your thoughts, ideas and beliefs as we build a community together that aims to think the right way, in good and godly ways, about everything. Why? Because I have come to see, feel and experience God’s wisdom first hand and I want to share that with you for your benefit and healing. I feel called to this role and I believe God has been preparing me for this even before I knew Him. Although I know I don’t have all the answers – I know the One who does!

You don’t have to be a follower of Jesus to Message me – The Brain Trainer™ for bible based brain busting answers!

Any topic. Answered with love. 100% anonymous

In 2015 I registered the trademark The Brain Trainer™ and stepped into embracing this persona with great flourish! Despite being an unofficial trainer of brains for years, a resident armchair psychologist if you like, delving into my friends and family’s psyche and relaying back different perspectives and uncovering deeper issues (whether they liked it or not!) I was your go to gal if you had a problem that needed some illumination. In fact as far back as I can remember I was psychoanalyzing the brains around me. In the playground I would gather my classmates and ask them to share their dreams so I could decode them and tell them what they meant. I would attempt to read their palms and watch their face and body language for insights. My interest in deciphering human patterns and emotions kept growing and in my early 20s I set about learning everything and anything I could about the brain and why we think the way we do. In October 2018 I had an inexplicable encounter with God. It changed everything for me in a moment. My thoughts on life, the universe (brains!) and everything. It challenged my views and know-it-all attitude to ask questions I never had before. What if I had got this all wrong? What if the ‘truth’ I thought I was living was a just a badly conceived lie?

Before knowing God I leant on my own understanding, followed my heart, my gut instinct and tuned into my idea of a higher self for answers and guidance. I quickly became obsessed with thought energy having stumbled into the abyss that is the Law Of Attraction teachings; that thoughts become things and we are the creators of our own reality, determining our own path according to what we decided and wanted. I liked the idea, believed it to be true and trusted that if I followed this way of thinking it would give me power over my mind, setting my thoughts to autopilot, to bring me the abundant life I thought I wanted and was due to me. In essence I became my own self-appointed God. Our brains do powerfully affect our everyday decisions, habits and behaviours. But these brains have a designer – and that designer is God.

I was blinded by my own beliefs…


Books of the Bible


Thoughts a day





…and had to choose between my way or Yahweh.

A few more of my favourite things…

Many people ask if I have a degree in psychology… I love to tell them I actually trained as an artist! My love of languages, anthropology, travel and creativity, took me to Paris where I studied Fine Art. Through all my artistic endeavours – brain training remains the most creative yet!

Give me 60s and 70s design, crocheted dresses and hand-painted crockery. I’m fascinated by dinosaurs and my first ever business had a little dino in its logo. I truly believe in my heart there can never be too many skin products and if I’m not researching the latest serums to hit the market I’m dreaming of French food. My love for design, etymology, symbolism and human behaviour is complete now having found the incredible rich teachings in the scriptures, the words beneath the words. In addition to the podcast I offer one to one sessions for people via video chat – if that interests you too, message me to set up a 20min consultation chat to see if I can help!