Are you too lazy to lose weight?

Meet Janet
Like a hamster trapped in a wheel…
few days into the new year
and she’s already on autopilot…
Stuck in the same old routine
Hair not brushed, shirt buttoned up wrong
Bags under her eyes
and on her way to work kicking herself for
starting the day on the back foot…

She dips into the nearby coffee shop next to her work
Hearing her favourite chocolate bar screeching out her name

‘Why even think about starting a diet this year?
Plus another bar isn’t going to do anything now.’
‘Ugh. Whats the point?’ She’s thinking

Her face is hot as she imagines the girl behind the cash register judging her
Handing over the money for a fist full of chocolate bars

Thinking to herself – ‘I bet she thinks I’m fat and lazy.’

Now I don’t know if this resonates with you…

But I certainly know how this feels.

The amount of time I had to pretend that
I might just be picking up a second bar for a ‘colleague’ at work,
desperate to send vibes through the ethos that I’m not buying all of this chocolate for me
when of course they were never going to make it past reception…
I would be screaming in my head ‘DONT JUDGE ME’

But it was me who was judging myself. My hardest critic. Just like Janet.
‘You’re stupid, here you go again, you can’t commit to anything.’

Does this sound like you?
If not lemme give you a high five!!
however if you have found yourself reading this and feel it in the pit of your stomach
Read on…

I don’t know if you ever thought that the reason you’re not losing weight
Is because you think you’re lazy
Or maybe you have been told you are lazy before,
but that’s not the truth, that’s just a mental programme you have been running.

Heres something that may help you…
when I was growing up…
I had a grey and white pet hamster named Rosie.
We were on first name terms 😉
when we first brought her through the door,
Her shiny cage was filled with hay that rustled as she waddled through it
She had a wheel to run, a bowl for her food and a water bottle that rattled when she drank from it

My doting dad would look at her and say

‘She doesn’t do anything, she just sits there getting fat. Lazy thing.’

But I didn’t think she was lazy. I saved up my pocket money and bought a more elaborate cage
with lots of twists and turns, and different spots where I could hide food for her.
Rosie wasn’t lazy she was just confined to her boundaries.
As I trained her to look for food, she moved about more…
Became more animated
No longer stuck in her old ways but playful and energised
She changed.

So what does my 4 inch white and grey furry little friend have to do with YOU?

(not actual footage of Rosie)

Heres the moral of the story the reason you are not seeing the results is
NOT because you are lazy or lack willpower
The truth is your AUTOMATIC PROGRAMMING is
keeping you locked in

When you let go of the programming, you let go of the weigh you wish to lose.

Today I’m looking for recovering “lazy people” 😉
who are looking to drop that story, drop emotional eating and drop a dress size in the next 3 months
Just like Rosie YOU can change your automatic programming
When you know how to turn off your habits around food, when you turn off autopilot.

Let’s start your new year on the right foot and several pounds lighter! Are you in?

>>> Yes I want to get in my best shape for 2018 <<<<