Raw Kale Salad with Tahini Dressing

Kale Salad with Tahini:
200g Curly Kale
Handful Cherry Tomatoes (varying types to add colour and taste)
4/5 Spring Onions
Small tablespoon of salt
Pinch of ground Cayenne (optional)
Tablespoon of tahini
Dollup of Soy Sauce
Squirt of agave syrup
Blob of olive oil

Wash and prepare a large bag of kale.
Scatter the salt over the leaves and gently massage them until they reduce, (over doing this step can lead to the kale reducing down too much) add the olive oil as a little protector against the salt along with the tahini, agave, soy sauce, cayenne. Cayenne isn’t really too noticeable and gives a nice kick but is optional to suit your tastes. Mix and massage again gently.
Chop the tomatoes and spring onions and add to the bowl. Stir gently with your hands, serve and enjoy!