My range of guided visualization meditations are POWERFUL and packed with the BEST brain training stuff!

Check it:

  • Guided visualisation journey
  • Brain Entrainment Technology
  • Silent Subliminal Track
  • Carefully chosen words for your subconscious to attach to
  • My dulcet hypnotic tones 😉
  • Silent Energy releasing Track
  • End with an EFT round to energy build up around body beliefs

This will bust through some old beliefs, training your brain to THINK differently. Releasing the past programme and embedding a new one… effortlessly!

Listen to this track for a minimum of 21 days straight to get the full benefit of this work.

Each meditation is geared specifically for each topic. At the end of this 15-minute meditation I’ll also walk you through an energy clearing tapping exercise to help clear negative feelings about your body and get into a different mindset about weight. Let’s forge the path for your new body story!

Not clear on the acupoints check out —> THE BRAIN TRAINER GUIDE TO ACUPOINTS

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