It’s the most marvelous Socially Accepted BINGE-EATING time of the year!

It’s the most marvellous Socially Accepted BINGE-EATING time of the year!

YES it’s that time of year again…. The Holidays!! (Like you didn’t know….)

Christmas / Holidays / Seasonal Parties at work, in the office, at the shops and in your very own homes!!

Influence from others around your food habits at this time, can be as unyielding as Santa’s pants (and no I’m not body shaming, he doesn’t exist.)

Maxine from Accounts has outdone herself with her cream topped cupcakes – how can you say no?

Holiday cheer being blasted from every shop forcing you to <<TREAT YOURSELF>>

Online, TV, magazine advertising; knowingly weaving their persuasive messages into your cranium to reassure you that ‘treating’ yourself to their processed and sugary products is actually fine and good for you.

Family, friends, partners and lovers all with their expectations or getting jiddy highs off the upcoming food fest.


You are quite literally being force fed! And you have very little CONTROL over it as it bypasses your thinking brain – your conscious and sets up home in your autobot brain – your subconscious.

But my lovely little Brain Trainees you’re smarter than the average cookie (because you’ve signed up to these emails and KNOW where the problem lies – it’s what you’re feeding your brain.)

So feast your eyes on some tasty advice on ditching the socially accepted Binge Off of the Year.

1. Start your own FOOD traditions
We are our habits. We are our patterns. In order to break them create your OWN traditions around your holiday feasts.

Journey back with the Ghost from Christmas past (night cap and gown not necessary) and take a look what your family did, when you ate, what you ate, how you felt.

Write it down if to distance yourself and get some clarity.
Think about how those food habits might look at any other time of year. Why is it socially acceptable now? Has it gotten out of hand for you?

Time to get excited to be part of this new wave of thinking!

What would a better way of eating around the holidays?
Be playful. Experiment. Start your own loving food traditions for this time of year.
>Make your own sugar free sweets and desserts
>Add in some new vegetables or ways of making them – name it your
>Holiday pre-new year 1 day detox ritual?
>Choose one meal over the holidays to be meat free
>Choose one meal over the holidays to eat blindfolded! You will REALLY tune into your food…


My poor sad torn to sh*t chocolate advent calendars never made it to the 25th – I HAD to demolish them and scoff all the choccies somewhere around the 12th night. I always felt on Christmas morning when I (re)opened the little 25th window, where the picture of Jesus in the manger looking up at me, He knew. He knew. It didn’t stop me though! I tore through the mince pies, slurped at my hot chocolate, dizzy from a dopamine sugar rush I’d unpack my lovely gifts and await the Christmas meal. But I wasn’t thinking about what was going to be served up on my plate, I was too fixated on what came after. Afters.

That was the old me.

I knew part of this cycle, this pattern was because it was ‘what I always did’ I never thought I had options.

So I started some new traditions:

I buy something lovely to wear in the right size that fitted me for that time

I made something new each year – starting with sugar free mince pies!

2. Tune into your ‘BODY BRAIN’
Take time now to pause and breathe. You are more in control than you think 😉 Close your eyes for a moment.
Food affects your mood. Tuning into your inner wisdom for more intuitive eating. Remember when you did this instinctively as a kid before rules, emotion and stress got involved?
Things to remember:
Sugar highs are short lived and come with crash. Ask yourself; is it worth it? Accept whatever your answer is.
Your body is always telling you want it really wants, when it wants it and when its full. Listen to your body. Begin this practice.

Enjoy whatever food you’re eating, ditch the guilt, it never helped in the past and it wont help you now.

If you do overeat, drink plenty of water, pay it no mind and move on. This helps with breaking those emotional ties.
Activate your senses! Look, admire, sniff and smile at your food before tasting it.

Make some Mmmm noises if you are enjoying it. Focus on tasting every mouthful. (I often close my eyes aka When Harry Met Sally style) #Illhavewhatsheshaving
Once it stops tasting so good stop eating. Congratulate yourself on listening to your body.



3. Clearing emotional eating and stress using EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique
My version of EFT Technique has helped 1000s of men and women from all over the world CRUSH their cravings.
Stop everything and do this:


4. Giving the gift of smarts
Take a moment to think about what you’re gifting to others.
Are you buying chocolates and wine for others? Perhaps some speciality cheeses hmm?
Search for other options that entice and tickle their cranium
Books! Puzzles! Journals! Meditations! Apps!

Or if freedom around food, better skin, inevitatble weight loss, health is something they might be interested in…


Sugar Smackdown – Cravings Cure!
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This possibly the No.1 THING I help people overcome – THE BELIEF IN THEMSELVES.
Belief in YOURself.
I’m here for you. I believe in you! I want to be your guide.
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Step into 2018 with a clear slate, a supportive group and a body that is a sugar free zone.
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You are loved.
The Brain Trainer

P.S I’m making 2018 – The Year Of The Brain and would love to connect with you!
Each week I’ll be hosting a show on my Instagram account helping watchers overcome their obstacles using the untapped power of their mind. Hit reply if you have something you’d like me to cover – I kick off January 1st