What can I use the brain training session for?
Changing any negative thought pattern around any subject in your life. Bit of a bold statement? When you clear up your emotional connection and program your mindset to be one of freedom, letting go of struggling thought patterns, the shifts in your life are limitless. This can be used on everything from fears to trauma, anger, depression, bee stings to multiple sclerosis, back pain to vision issues, baseball to gymnastics, singing to golf.  This is BRAIN TRAINING. You are training your mind to open up to the limitless possibilities of life and busting through resistance and limited beliefs.

How many brain training sessions do I actually need?
The amount of sessions you need to get the desired result varies person to person and what the particular issue or thought pattern you would like to change. It may have taken you years to get into a current mindset so consider how many aspects there are to the issue you wish to work on.
Many people report feeling different after just one brain training session!

This is a POWERFUL yet subtle process, with a clinically proven 80% success rate – this is more than any other therapy currently available.

What are the core methods you use?
I use a combination of powerful and effective techniques including EFT.

So in a nutshell.. what is EFT?
EFT / Emotional Freedom Technique is similar to acupressure in that it’s based on the same energy meridians used in acupuncture, but without the needles. Instead, you tap specific energy meridians on the head, face and collarbone whilst giving voice to the negative self-talk. This method deletes the negative memories and is then followed with a round of tapping and positive affirmations. The combination of tapping and affirmation works to clear the emotional block, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance.

Do I have to ‘believe’ in it for it to work?
Nope. Not one tiny bit! EFT can help clear any resistance and fear of change. You do not need to believe in energy meridians or even understand the process for your brain training session to work effortlessly and effectively.

Will this make me cry?
This is an energetic clearing process and sometimes crying is beneficial in clearing past upset and emotion. In my experience when I sense that someone would rather not cry in front of me, I tailor the work to a level they are comfortable with and advise that when on their own they might cry or be more emotional watching a show etc. Other responses are feeling extreme calm, a little light headed which quickly passes, yawning and even the giggles. This is all energy moving.

Do I have to reveal my deepest darkest secrets?
Not at all. When working one to one via Skype or Facetime you do not need to ‘bare all.’ The clearing can be done just by using a keyword and still tapping through the points.

What if I don’t have a Skype Account or Facetime?
There are other ways to video chat like Facebook or Zoom, when you book just let me know which you would prefer and I can organise with you the best way to get connected!

So what actually happens in a brain training session?
This is your time. A time for you to offload your thoughts. We won’t spend too long ‘discussing’ your current thought patterns but instead get right down to clearing them! I ask you to rate the intensity of the feeling, you will follow what I do, saying out loud the clearing words. Again you do not need to disclose anything you would rather not, we can use a keyword that you chose, although I won’t know what it is you will be clearing, your brain will know what its focused on. Magic, right?

How long does it last?
EFT’s results are usually permanent. As you are changing your beliefs and thought habits at the subconscious level.
There are now 1,000s of case studies online filled with people who have had lasting results…even though the problem was relieved in moments. This is evidence that EFT is addressing the true cause of the problem, otherwise the remedy would not be so long lasting. Please remember, however, that EFT doesn’t do everything for everyone. When some problems seem to reappear, it is usually caused by different aspects of the original problem showing up at a later time. An experienced EFT practitioner can help you recognize this and help discover other aspects to the problem and breaking the problem down into specific events and apply EFT to those underlying causes. In time, after all aspects and specific events have been addressed, the problem usually goes away completely and does not return.