Hey!  I’m Heather, The Brain Trainer.  I’m a thinker of thoughts and an outrageous optimist, dedicated to helping you THINK your way to an AWESOME life!

Feeling like you’re ready to give up on your dream body, dream job, relationship…life?

Nothing has worked in the past. Done ‘trying’? Yep. I’ve been there and I can help you change this.

I train people’s brains to THINK differently, to literally have a set of different thoughts in their mind around food choices, exercise and how they feel about their body.

How? Why? Whaa? I did this for myself – I had been up and down the same patterns of thought for so long, I knew I needed to think differently in order to act differently.

I can train your brain.

I dropped 5 dress sizes by thinking myself thin!

It’s a fun exploration process that works with the subconscious mind.

I use a variety of powerful brain training techniques to master your mindset, creating new neural pathways in the brain that direct your habits and behaviours. You’ll think differently and act differently!!

There are a few ways in which you can work with me – I have an online course that can take you through all you need to know, or if you would like a more 1:1 approach I have a small number of people that I work with intensely over 3 months.

If you’d like to see if we’re a fit please get in touch.