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“I have lost 2 pant sizes, completely changed the way I eat, exercise for 5 days for 45 minutes. I am much happier, a kinder mom, and all over much more pleasant to be around! Did I mention I’m only on week 5? Yay! Amazing Heather!”

Jenny D
Jenny DUSA

“I just weighed myself (I know its not just about weight but I felt thinner and feel so good in just over a week) I’ve lost 5lbs since last Wednesday when I started!! I’ve done other stuff before like hypnotherapy but I felt that this would work from day one! Thank you, it feels effortless! I feel like I’m going to crack it this time xxx”

Samantha R
Samantha RDerbyshire, UK

“I am literally jumping out of bed in the morning to meditate and do some sort of exercise. I’ve been making better food choices and have no sugar cravings!! P.S I haven’t touched chocolate since I started this programme. I used to CRAVE it every afternoon in work. Weight is coming off a pound a week which is fine by me. I feel so different in general; just happier. I love brain training! xxx”

Louise C
Louise CCardiff, Wales

“For 8 years I have stressed about my body, scrutinized my diet, got annoyed, upset and angry every day when I wasn’t ‘being good’ Obsessed wasn’t even the word.

You’ve just cleared that in 25 minutes.”

Carys Williams
Carys WilliamsSwansea, Wales

“Working with Heather (The Brain Trainer) not only helped me channel my inner confidence when I needed it the most, and before some of the most nerve-wrecking moments! But it also completely opened my mind to tapping. I have to admit, I was initially a bit skeptical, but after the first go at it, it was like: “WOW! What is this!?” Both Heather and her techniques ooze positive energy – it’s infectious!”

Sukki Singapora
Sukki SingaporaPerformer - London, UK

“I am amazed at my effortless journey you have guided me on with EFT. A year ago I was being evicted from my flat in a relationship that was going nowhere, strung out and upset. Today I have the keys to a house I’ve bought, happily single and excited for the future. I owe this to my thoughts changing with your brain training magic!”

Nadia Itani
Nadia ItaniPhotographer - New York, USA

“I have news. I GOT THE JOB!
Going in for the interview was made so much easier and relaxed after speaking to you. You filled me with confidence, let me truly believe in myself that I can do it. Tapping on insecurities and worries relieved tension and helped me see that I should be in that interview and I should get the job. I needn’t have been nervous about it because now nothing is holding me back!
I honestly couldn’t have done it without you and I will always be so so grateful.
My life rules with HJ in it :)”

Beth Jones
Beth JonesNorth Wales, UK