My Personal Account & Testimony

In the spring of 2016 I became The Brain Trainer and set up a business to help others overcome the lies and deceptions in the mind. The stories we tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough, we will amount to nothing and feelings of anxiety that something just ain’t right which lead so many to subtle yet powerful reliance on food to heal, lift our spirits and comfort us.

I thought I had found the solution to release overly-emotional connections with food, sugar addictions and the binge/starvation habit cycle, by fusing awareness around habits and behaviours bringing hidden subconscious stories to the light and using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) as a healing mechanism to banish those thoughts from the brain.  

I had made the brain a god… but God had other plans…

I recorded my testimony a week after coming to the truth. This is my honest and heartfelt account of coming to know that where my life was leading me was no good place, I had no relationship with God and was separate from Him, yet when I called out He answered.